"The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything."

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when questions contains the answers to a different problem on a test 


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Imagine being a fly that accidentally gets trapped on a plane and they are taken away from their fly family and their fly children and they are forced to start anew in some foreign country that doesn’t even speak the same fly language as them and they have no idea how to get back to their home fly country and to their fly wife how stressful would that be

this is literally immigrants white people are so ready to understand a fly before an immigrant

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Please don’t tell girls “The boy who’s picking on you actually just likes you”

Even if it’s true, you shouldn’t teach girls to respect that sort of affection.

And you should definitely not teach boys that expressing their attraction to women through violence and disrespect is ok.


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Israelis shop for bandaids while Palestinians shop for coffins. 


some muslims care more about candy containing gelatin that’s haram than the fact they are racists 

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"All too often people concentrate on finding the right spouse, little realizing that half of any marriage is being the right spouse."

Yasir Qadhi

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